BASHH Process for Clinical Excellence Award - ACCEA 2018

9th February 2018

New and Renewal Awards

The ACCEA National round is opening on 13th February 2018 and will close on Thursday April 15th at 5.00pm. BASHH members who wish to be considered for BASHH support for a national ACCEA Award in England and Wales and those who are renewing their award and want a citation from BASHH need to fill in the appropriate forms (CVQs). Top ten tips are also available, put together by members of the committee who have marked forms/sat on other ACCEA committees. These forms are available at the bottom of this page.

The closing date for submissions to be considered by BASHH will be Monday 19th February 2018.

The BASHH ACCEA committee will need to produce a ranked list of candidates for new awards. Please follow the ACCEA Guide for applicants. The Guide for 2018 should be available in due course on the following website:
Please follow the guide for Applicant Instructions. Reading the Guide for Assessors may also help you with your form. The 2017 guide for Applicant instructions may still be available and there is unlikely to be too much change.


Consultants will need to put in a renewal application if:

  • they received their current award in the 2014 round
  • their award was last renewed in 2013 (awarded in 2009, 2004, 1999)

Renewals are now considered against the standard applicable for new awards. Ensure that you follow the guidance as for new awards. You only have one chance for renewal so do not miss the ACCEA deadline and make the best job of your form otherwise you may lose your award.. For national awards you may lose the award completely and go back to basic salary.

BASHH Support

BASHH can provide a citation to support new applicants and renewals. If you wish BASHH to provide one then you must submit your forms to BASHH.. These will be discussed at the committee meeting. A member of the committee will be identified to suggest any changes to the form before you submit to your Trust (depending on time lines) and write the citation. Please make clear in the e-mail to BASHH with your attached word documents whether you are applying for a new award, a new award and a renewal, or a renewal only.

For Scottish renewals please send the relevant form if you need a citation for renewal.

The key dates for application for BASHH support are as follows:

Deadline for submission of forms for ‘new’ or ‘new and renewal’ or ‘renewal’ awards:

Monday 19th February 2018 at 23:59

Forms will not be considered if submitted after that date. Send to BASHH and copy to

The Committee will meet 8th March 2018. The committee members mark all the domains. We will mark the personal statements for contribution to BASHH. Please ensure that you orientate your ‘personal statement’ on the form you submit to BASHH to focus on your activities for BASHH. Your personal statement on the ACCEA on line form needs to encompass all your achievements and may be different to your BASHH submission.

The Royal College of Physicians has a separate process. The RCP form will be on-line. The RCP also usually asks you to ‘weight’ your personal statement for achievements relating to RCP activities i.e. you may wish to use a different personal statement for RCP compared with BASHH.

To have a greater chance of success you need support from your Trust and from one or more other organisations so please submit to the RCP and/or other nominating bodies if you can.

It must be clear what you have done since your last award. All achievements must be dated.

Practical Tips

It is easier to adjust and edit the content of your forms if you do the sections as a Word document and then cut and paste onto the CVQs for BASHH and the on line forms for RCP. Remember the count includes gaps as well as characters. In the past Silver and Bronze applicants may submit one of the additional forms only whereas Gold applicants can submit up to two. Please check the rules for 2018.

Clarity of the form is essential and often ‘more is less’. The BASHH top ten tips are also on the BASHH website.

If you require any further advice or help, please contact Angela Robinson as Secretary of BASHH ACCEA Award Committee via email in the first instance.

Dr Angela Robinson
Secretary of BASHH ACCEA Committee
February 2018


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