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National Clinical Impact Award round is open - BASHH guidance and signposting

Dear BASHH Colleague,
The 2024 National Clinical Impact Awards (NCIA) round is now open and the window for applications is scheduled to close on Monday 15 April 2024 at 11:59pm.  Any applications after this time will not be considered by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA).  
The NCIAs replaced the previous National Clinical Excellence Awards and application for these is open to NHS consultant doctors, dentists and academic GPs who are fully registered with a licence to practice and have met the eligibility conditions for at least one year, on 1 April in the award year in which they are applying.  So for 2024, this would mean meeting the conditions for at least one year on 1 April 2024.
BASHH is recognised as a National Nominating Organisation (NNO) and is keen to provide support to those who are applying for a NCIA. 
From 2023, ACCIA discontinued the process of NNOs providing citations and rankings so BASHH is no longer able to submit these.  The applicant must fill in their own NCIA application form and NNOs are not permitted to proof read, edit, review or directly critique any part of the NCIA application.
However, BASHH is able to signpost members to generic training and tools (see below and attached) to assist with applications and provide general guidance. 
Applicants may work with an unrestricted number of relevant membership organisation and can indicate on their application form if they have sought advice from any organisation. 
Applications for a NCIA need to be made via the ACCIA portal and eligible individuals can register via the - ACCIA portal
The following tools are available from the ACCIA to support applications:

 BASHH is keen to support any eligible colleagues who wish to apply for a NCIA and has updated it’s ‘Top Tips’ guidance for NCIA applications.  The ‘Top Tips’ document is attached and will also be posted on the BASHH website. 

Application form Top Tips 2024

You may also find it helpful to speak with local colleagues who have experience of CIA or CEA applications and if you would like to contact BASHH for support about application queries or the process then please contact
Best wishes.
Elizabeth Carlin
Secretary BASHH CIA Committee

National Clinical Impact Award round is open - BASHH guidance and signposting