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Scientific Meetings

BASHH Scientific meetings are free to attend and pre-registration is not required but non-BASHH members are recommended to join BASHH in order that they can be kept up to date with other BASHH events etc.


Past Scientific Meetings

2023 Scientific Meetings

Scientific Meeting - 13th October 2023

Online Event

The BASHH Scientific Meeting will take place virtually, via Zoom, on Friday 13th October from 13.00-16.00.

You can download the programme HERE.

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Hybrid Scientific Meeting - 24th March 2023

Location: Hybrid Zoom at RMS - 1 Wimpole Street, London

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Sexual Function and Wellbeing SIG

Chairs: Dr Nadia Ahmed/ Dr Uday Joshi
Session Theme: What is in a name? Sexual Function and Wellbeing SIG

  • 13.00 - 13.20:
    Sexual wellbeing – What does it mean? Where is the problem located? Mike Yates/Kirstin Mitchell
  • 13.20 - 13:40:
    Sexual Well-being in trans and non-binary people Rhi Kemp-Davies/ Karen Gurney
  • 13:40 - 14:00:
    Investigating Kisspeptin as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Men and Women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Ed Mills
  • 14.00 - 14.20:
    Discussing sexual problems in a sexual health clinic – A clinician’s toolkit Shalini Andrews/Hu Clarke
  • 14:20 - 14:30:
    Questions and Discussion
  • 14.30 - 14.45:
    Genital Dermatology: reviewing caseload and provision of GD services in sexual health settings in the UK - Dr Yeend-Curd Trimble


  • 15.00 – 16.30
    Adolescent SIG

    Session Theme: Impact of porn and social media on Young peoples relationships, expectation and sexual experiences. How to have constructive conversations with Young people about this?
  • 15.00 - 15.40:
    Learning about sex, relationships, gender, and bodies in the ‘digital age’: How are young people being affected and influenced by what they see and encounter online? - Emily Setty
  • 15.40 - 16.10:
    Co producing and Researching postdigital sexual violence and activism workshops for under 18s following the covid-19 pandemic in England, Ireland and Canada - Jessica Ringrose
  • 16.10 - 16.30:
    Panel discussion/audience questions
  • 16.30 - 17.00:
    In the wrong place at the right time - Professor Rak Nandwani


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Genital Dermatology: reviewing caseload and provision of GD services in sexual health settings in the UK
  • Michael Yates is a Clinical Psychologist and Sexual and Relationships Therapist. He is currently the Psychosexual Service Lead at London’s 56 Dean street, and is one of the founding members of the Havelock Clinic, a specialist private multi-disciplinary psychosexual service. His research interests have focused around development of evidence-based group interventions for sexual difficulties including compulsive and risk-taking sexual behaviours, and he is currently part of the first national Expert Reference Group for Chemsex led by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
  • Kirstin Mitchell is Professor of Social Science and Public Health. She leads a programme of research on ‘Relationships and Health’ at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow. Her research aims to understand and improve population sexual health and wellbeing. A co-investigator on the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal), she leads the modules on sexual function and wellbeing for the fourth survey (currently collecting data).
  • Dr Karen Gurney is a clinical psychologist and European Society of Sexual Medicine Psychosexologist. She is one of the Lead Clinicians at Trans Plus, a gender dysphoria service based within sexual health/HIV at 56 Dean Street. She is also director of The Havelock Clinic, an independent MDT sexual problems service based in London. Dr Gurney has done two TED talks on sexual wellbeing, and wrote the bestselling book, ‘Mind The Gap: the truth about desire and how to futureproof your sex life’ published in 2020.
  • Dr Edouard Mills (MBChB PhD) is a Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology at Imperial College London. Having been awarded an MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship and NIHR Clinical Lectureship, his research investigates the relationship between reproductive hormones and human behaviour. He conducted first-into-patient studies investigating the clinical and mechanistic effects of the novel hypothalamic neuropeptide kisspeptin on sexual and emotional brain processing in men and women with low sexual desire. He is also undertaking specialist training in Diabetes & Endocrinology on the Northwest (Imperial) London Rotation.
  • Hu Clarke has worked in the sexual health field for over 30 years, currently is a part-time Health Advisor and Psychosexual Therapist @ Homerton Hospital, he also provides Clinical Supervision in Brighton for their Health Advisers, Counselling Project and Outreach Nurses.

    Hu has been a qualified therapist for over 25 years, he covers a range of issues which include: Psychosexual & relationships, work with people with disabilities, racially minoritised communities, Sex workers, Drug users and LGBTQ+. Hu has a private psychotherapy/counselling practice in East London/Essex.Hu is currently on the Board for BASHH – HA rep, also is on BASHH CGC where he is Secretary and BASHH SIG for Sexual Function & Wellbeing. Hu is also a member of Society of Sexual Health Advisers (SSHA), Operational Professionals Committee who he represents at BASHH.
  • Shalini Andrews is a consultant in Genitourinary and HIV Medicine and clinical lead for HIV in Surrey. She has a special interest in managing sexual dysfunction, especially when associated with sexual infections and HIV. She chairs the SIG and is also the president of the British Society for Sexual Medicine. She is a member of the exam committee of The Multidisciplinary Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM) which sets professional standards in Sexual Medicine in Europe.
  • Dr Yeend-Curd-Trimble qualified from Imperial College School of Medicine in 2011. She is currently a specialist registrar (ST6) in Genito-Urinary medicine based at the Mortimer Market Centre & Archway Sexual Health Clinic in London and was appointed as BASHH Genital Dermatology Specialist Interest Group trainee representative in June 2020. She hopes to continue to develop her career in GU medicine with a specialist interest in genital dermatology and general dermatology as she moves into a consultant role at the end of her registrar training.
  • Dr Emily Setty is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Surrey. Her academic research focuses on young people’s experiences of sex and relationships, both online and offline, and how the ‘online world’ is affecting their socio-sexual development, learning, and behaviour. She primarily conducts qualitative research whereby she speaks directly with young people about their perspectives and experiences and critically interprets the accounts they produce about how they are being affected and influenced by what they see and encounter online. Dr Setty has recently conducted research on how lockdown affected sex and relationships for young people; risk and transgression online for youth; educating teenage boys about consent; harmful sexual behaviours and peer-on-peer abuse in schools; and ‘influencer culture’ for girls and young women. She works closely with a range of frontline professionals and organisations working with young people and national and local government to translate research findings into effective policy and practice designed to address the issues and challenges that young people face regarding sex and relationships in their contemporary digital cultures.
  • Jessica Ringrose is Professor of Sociology of Gender and Education at IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society, where she co-directs the UCL Centre for Sociology of Education and Equity. She is an internationally recognized expert on gender and sexual equity in education. She has worked with a wide range of global and UK stakeholders to shape policy and practice in areas of gender, media cultures, online safety and RSE including The UK Home Office, The Department for Education, The Mayor of London and more. Her current research explores young people’s experiences of technologically facilitated sexual and gender-based violence and how to reduce and prevent online harm through educational interventions. Her recent public report (2021) with the Association of School and College Leaders is Understanding and Combatting Youth Experiences of Image-Based Sexual Harassment and Abuse.
  • Rak Nandwani is a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Public Health Scotland and Honorary Professor at Glasgow Caledonian University. After training in London, he was appointed as a GUM consultant in Glasgow in 1997. He jointly led the establishment of the Sandyford integrated sexual health service in 2000 and chaired in the committee which recommended PrEP in Scotland in 2017. Rak was also chair of the GUM Specialist Advisory Committee 2011-2017 and a co-investigator on the NIHR-funded LUSTRUM research programme.


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Scientific Meeting - 13th January 2023

Organised by the RMC and HSV Sigs


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Location: ZOOM - 13.00 - 16.00


13.00 - 14.45 Racially Minoritised Communities SIG

Session Theme: Inclusivity. Why do sexual health services need to get it right for racially minoritised communities people? From research to practice.

Dr Melvina Woode Owusu - From research to practice – Promoting the sexual health and wellbeing of people from a Black Caribbean background 

Phil Samba - What do queer men of colour want from their sexual health services?

Elisabete Miranda - The use of sexual health influencers on social media to engage Black, Asian, and minority communities in HIV prevention campaigns 


Dr Melvina Woode Owusu 

Topic - From research to practice – Promoting the sexual health and wellbeing of people from a Black Caribbean background

Melvina is a Research and Programme Management Consultant and Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University College London. Stimulated by her study of medical anthropology at Durham University, and later her doctoral study in epidemiology, Melvina is committed to incorporating both community and population-level perspectives when supporting researchers and providers to embed an inclusive approach to design, delivery and dissemination. Her 15 years’ of experience in sexual and public health includes surveillance, promotion & management in local, national and international projects and organisations, including the WHO, ECDC, and UNAIDS. Melvina is also Trustee of the Race Equality Foundation.

Phil Samba  

Topic - What do queer men of colour want from their sexual health services?

Phil Samba is a health promotion specialist, researcher, social activist and writer with over five years of experience working in public health. Primarily focused on reducing the health inequalities of people of colour and in particular, improving the sexual and mental health of queer men of colour, he strives for equality at the intersection of race, sexuality, sexual and mental health, while providing honest and accurate visibility and representation of Black queer men in everything he does.

Elisabete Miranda 

Title: The use of sexual health influencers on social media to engage Black, Asian, and minority communities in HIV prevention campaigns

Elisabete Miranda is the Programme Lead for Sexual Health Services at BHA for Equality.  

BHA for Equality is a health and social care charity which exists to challenge and address health and social care inequalities for Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority residents in Greater Manchester.  

Elisabete coordinates inside BHA, the programme Passionate about Sexual Health Partnership (PaSH Partnership), a collaboration between BHA for Equality, George House Trust, and the LGBT Foundation. The PaSH Partnership delivers a comprehensive programme of interventions to meet the changing needs of people newly diagnosed with HIV, living longer term with HIV or at the greatest risk of acquiring HIV. 

BHA for Equality, a charity based in Greater Manchester, recruited influencers from the community to share social media campaigns and engage black, Asian, and minority groups focusing on sending tailored messages and stimulating online conversations on how to prevent, test, and manage HIV and on sexual health.


14.45 - 16.00 Herpes Simplex Virus SIG
Dr Raj Patel - What's new in the HSV guideline

Biography - Dr Raj Patel is a consultant in GUM at Solent NHS Trust. He is the HSV SIG Co chair and lead author of the 2023 BASHH Management of Genital Herpes Guideline. 

Dr Emily Clarke / Dr Elizabeth Foley - current controversies in the management of herpes in pregnancy

Biography -  Dr Emily Claire is consultant GUM physician at the Royal Liverpool Hospital and lead author of the forthcoming Herpes in Pregnancy Guidelines developed for the RCOG and BASHH.

Dr Elizabeth Foley is a consultant GUM Physician in Southampton and longtime member of the HSV SIG.

Dr John Green - Managing patients with health anxiety - how to stop suppressive therapy

Biography - Dr John Green co chair of the HSV SIG. He is the senior phycologist in the department of GUM at Imperial. He has a longstanding interest in psychological aspects of sti management.

Case reports - SIG panel members.


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2022 Scientific Meetings

Virtual Scientific Meeting - 14th October 2022

Organised by the Prison and HPV SIGs


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Location: ZOOM




Welcome and educational objectives - Felicity Young and Dr Huda Fadzillah


The lived experience – the patient’s perspective of a women’s prison and their journey - Sophie Strachan


The lived experience – the patient’s perspective of a man’s prison and their journey - Pank Sethi


Developing Sexual Health Services in mixed gender prison: A nurse initiative - Eleni Kousti


BASHH – Update - Dr Katie Humphries & Dr Natasha Bell


Closing Remarks - Dr Su Currie - Chair – BASHH Prison SIG






Impact of vaccination programme on cervical and anal cancer - Dr Kate Soldan.  


Upcoming changes to UK HPV vaccination - reduction in doses and introduction of Gardasil-9 - Dr Charles Lacey.  


Update on new anogenital warts guidelines - Dr Diarmuid Nugent


AIN treatment for MSM living with HIV - results from the ANCHOR study - Dr Jake Bayley




Speaker Biographies
Felicity Young & Dr Huda Fadzillah

Felicity is a Consultant Nurse in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, based on the Isle of Wight. She provides in-reach Level 3 sexual health and HIV care to HMP Isle of Wight (Category B male prison). Felicity is currently undertaking research exploring the healthcare experiences of people in prison living with HIV.

Dr Huda is a GUM and HIV Consultant at Oxfordshire Sexual Health, Oxford University NHS Trust and TPD for GUM, Thames Valley.

She provides Level 3 sexual health and HIV care to HMP Bullingdon (Category B male prison) and HMP Huntercombe (Category C male prison foreign nationals).

Sophie Strachan

Sophie is a sexual health advisor at C+W hospital and CEO of The Sophia Forum a charity that supports women and girls living with and at risk of HIV. Her work over the last 2 decades has involved undertaking research on people living with HIV in prisons,  providing peer support to those incarcerated and supporting the writing of policies and strategic development with NICE and former Public Health England to improve the lived experiences of those in the criminal justice system around health.

Pank Sethi

Pank is an advocate for social change and prison reform, he is referred to as the 

leading expert on Education and Advocacy for HIV and Sexual Health Services across UK prisons.

In addition to being a THT positive voices speaker, workshop facilitator and the GMI Partnerships Manager for Positive East in the community he has also conducted workshops across the prison estate.

He is also a board member and trustee of the only charity that uses a peer led program to train prisoners who can read to teach those that can’t.

Eleni Kousti

Sexual Health Lead Nurse for HMP Peterborough, Littlehey and Whitemoor. Eleni currently is based in HMP PBO (Category B private prison for men, and a closed prison for women and female young offenders), developing Level 1&2 Sexual health services, with a special interest in education and training in sexual health and how to provide trauma informed services.

Dr Katie Humphries & Dr Natasha Bell

Katie is a ST5 in GUM and HIV working in Chalmers Sexual Health Centre in Edinburgh.  She has been undertaking the BASHH Educational fellowship in researching sexual health provision in prisons and has an interest in redressing health inequalities.

Natasha is an ST6 Registrar in GUM and HIV at St Mary's Hospital in London. She is currently undertaking research exploring the access to sexual health care available to people in prison and has a particular interest in complex contraception

Dr Susanna Currie

Dr Susanna Currie is a Consultant in GU Medicine & HIV in Cumbria.  Susanna is the Chair of the Prison SIG and has a special interest in tackling health inequalities

Dr Kate Soldan

Dr Soldan is a senior scientist at UKHSA and specialises in HPV and vaccination.  Dr Soldan uses national data to monitor prevalence of HPV, trends and effects of the national HPV vaccination program.

Dr Charles Lacey

Dr Lacey is a recently retired academic clinician in HIV/GU medicine, with infectious diseases and immunology interests. He was involved in HPV and other vaccine research including the pivotal HPV vaccine phase 3 trials, for > 30 years. Latterly he received grant support from the Welcome Trust, MRC, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, CRUK and EDCTP. Recent research projects include HPV vaccine one dose studies in Tanzania, anal cancer screening studies in the UK, Leishmania vaccine and immunology studies in East Africa, and the development of a Leishmania human challenge model in York.

Dr Diarmuid Nugent

Dr Nugent is a Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV at 56 Dean Street in central London.  He specialises in the treatment of GBMSM, PrEP and anal cancer surveillance.  He has a specialist interest in HPV and is currently the lead author of the new BASHH 'Anogenital warts' national guidelines.

Dr Jake Bayley

Dr Bayley is a Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV at Barts NHS Trust in East London.  He has a specialist interest in GBMSM health, PrEP delivery, digital health and anal cancer surveillance. He is the chair of the HPV Special Interest Group for BASHH.


Hybrid Scientific Meeting - 18th March 2022

Location: Hybrid - Zoom & RMS, 1 Wimpole Street London

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Registration fees

BASHH members free 

Non-members £40 



13:00 - 14:45 - BSIG

  • Welcome and introduction - Dr Achyuta V Nori
  • Non-candida vaginitis - Dr Kate Nambiar
  • Multi-drug resistant Shigella - Prof Daniel Richardson
  • Disseminated gonococcal infections and Multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea - Dr Helen Fifer
  • Syphilis – the great masquerader - Dr Achyuta V Nori
  • BSIG app - Dr Frances Keane and Prof Cathy Ison   

14:45 - 15:00 - Break

15:00 - 16:45 - PHE

  • Changing epi of bacterial STIs and HIV co-infection (title to be confirmed) - Mateo Prochazka 
  • BASHH fellowship syphilis project (title to be confirmed) - Ergul Kaide 
  • Syphilis Care Pathway Talk: Erna Buitendam and Freddy Green  
  • NCSP Talk: Presenter - TBC
  • PrEP Impact presentation: Presenter - TBC
  • An update from the RiiSH-COVID behavioural survey of MSM - TBC

Followed by 

16:45 - 17:00 - BASHH EGM

18:00 - President's Dinner at Saddlers' Hall - Invitation Only


Additional information

CPD points are available.

You will have the option to select a ticket to attend in person or stream the meeting live online.


Virtual Scientific Meeting - 7th January 2022

Location: Zoom

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Registration fees

In honour of our Special Guest:

Professor Kevin Fenton CBE MBBS (Hons) MSc PhD FFPH

BASHH has made the upcoming Scientific Meeting free for everyone (including Non-members). 


  • 13:00-14:00 - Delusional Parasitosis, Dr Steve Walker, London 
  • 14:00-14:50 - Drug Reactions, Dr Jen Sharif, Manchester
  • 14:50-15:20 - Screening for Domestic Abuse in People Living with HIV, Dr Nadia Ahmed, London 
  • 15:20-15:30 - Break 
  • 15.30-16:00 - Honorary Life Fellow Award, Professor Kevin Fenton CBE MBBS (Hons) MSc PhD FFPH

Click here to view a full programme and speaker biographies.


Additional information

CPD points are available.

A recording will be circulated to all registered delegates in due course after the meeting.



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