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Member Groups

Adolescent Sexual Health SIG

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Bacterial SIG

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Gender & Sexual Minorities (GSM)

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Herpes Simplex Advisory Panel SIG

The Herpes Simplex Advisory Panel was established in 1994. It comprises genitourinary physicians, virologists, general practitioners, nurses, and a patient representative. There are up to three meetings a year and the Panel hosts an open annual educational seminar.

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Prison SIG


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    Public Health & Health Inequalities SIG

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    Racially Minoritised Communities SIG

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    Sexual Function & Wellbeing SIG

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    Sexual Health Adviser & Nurse

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    Sexual Health Dermatology SIG

    The BASHH Sexual Health Dermatology (SHD) Special Interest Group (SIG) evolved from the Joint Colposcopy and GD group following the BASHH Spring meeting in New York in 2008. It was recognised that colposcopy was declining in genitourinary medicine (GUM) practice, and interest was increasing in the management of genital skin conditions, in which the colposcope could be used as a tool. Use of the colposcope for high-resolution anoscopy saw the colposcopy component being dropped, as the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Specialist Group were more appropriately placed to develop its use, but we continue to work closely together. Further development of the BASHH Colposcopy and Genital Dermatology SIG occurred in 2011 with some of the original members continuing in new roles, with new faces providing new impetus and support. The name of the SIG was changed to Genital Dermatology SIG in November 2013.

    The SIG aims to provide continuing medical education and thus improve quality of patient care.

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    Sexual Violence & Domestic Abuse SIG

    The Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse (SVDA) group, recognizing that sexual violence is part of sexual health, consider all aspects of female and male sexual violence, including sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual trafficking, all forms of sexual exploitation, sex work and female genital mutilation.

    The group’s aims are:

    • To review services, training and standards within genitourinary medicine clinics, with reference to the associated aims, and in liaison with other agencies and institutions
    • To promote and improve education and training of healthcare professionals in all areas related to sexual violence
    • To raise the profile of sexual violence by carrying out research, submitting work for publication and organising training
    • To raise public awareness and improve the care of patients disclosing sexual violence with an interest in issues related to the sexual health of young people.
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