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Northern Branch

Northern Branch

BASHH Northern Group

Chair - Dr Jane Hussey -

Who and where are we

The Northern group covers services in Teesside, Durham, Darlington and Bishop Auckland, Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, North Tyneside, Northumberland and Cumbria. We’re a small regional team and know each other well. Supporting each other sharing information, educational material, guidelines and all being a listening ear when needed.

A quote from a recent local ST completing training and now working as a consultant in the North ‘The North East is bloody awesome!  GUM is bloody awesome!  The staff in GUM are bloody awesome!’ If you’re reading this thinking of a move, look no further and contact one of us for a chat.

Regional BASHH branch meetings

We meet 4 times a year to share good practice, risks and service updates. We also have education session at this meeting with external speakers, group members providing education and trainees. Jane Hussey, based in Sunderland Sexual health, is the current chair and the role of secretary and educational organiser is rotated throughout the year to share workload.

Other networks

North East & Cumbria HIV clinical network

Meeting 3 times a year with an annual day general meeting. Members have specific lead roles for development of pathways, sharing of information and updates. Regional care pathway document produced by members updated annually. Members include medical, nursing and health advisor staff from sexual health, infectious diseases, public health, clinical psychology, voluntary sector and patient representative.

North East Urogenital pain MDT

Multispecialty meeting 3 to 4 times a year to discuss cases/practice and raise standards for those with chronic pelvic and genital pain. Educational session provided, regional audits, guidelines and pathways discussed. Please contact Jane Hussey at Sunderland Sexual Health if you want further information on this group to join or if you wish advice to set one up in your area.

Regional Trainee education

In addition to department educational sessions, regionally trainees meet for an afternoon a month. External speakers are often arranged and the session supervised by consultants.  Topics in 2019 included: Dermatology, Community GUM initiatives, Office gynaecology, HIV in pregnancy, Microbiology for GUM, A history of HIV, IUSTI feedback

Publications/Presentations/Teaching experience

Our group actively encourages trainees and other members in teaching opportunities, writing publications and presenting. Some examples from 2018 to 2021 that have involved our STs in particular include;


Gilmore K. Editorial: ‘The new FSRH guideline on Progestogen only implant: how does it change practice.’ BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health. 2021 

Dresser M, Hussey J, Premchand N. Kicking the habit - how can we improve the routine care for patients who are well controlled living with HIV? Int J STD AIDS. 2020 Nov;31(13):1315-1319. doi: 10.1177/0956462420950591. Epub 2020 Sep 30. PMID: 32996868.

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Gilmore K, Mansour D. ‘Is this the menopause?’ Menopause Exchange Newsletter, Summer 2020. 

Ogbonmwan D, Hussey J, Gudipati M. Time to re-evaluate the guidance on sexual infections in fertility services. Human Fertility. 2019

Oxford Handbook of Genitourinary Medicine, HIV and Sexual Health. 2019. Most services and STs were involved in updating this new edition. 

Gilmore K, Mansour D. ‘The Role of testosterone.’ Menopause Exchange Newsletter, Summer 2019. 

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Ogbonmwan D, Hussey J, Mitchell L. Evaluating the clinical experience of sexual health trainees in the management of transgender including non-binary people within sexual health services. Journal Sexually Transmitted infections 

Poster Presentations

  • 4thWorld Congress on Abdominal and Pelvic Pain. Poster presentation: Management and Outcomes of Vulvodynia: a Service Audit. 2019  
  • 4thWorld Congress on Abdominal and Pelvic Pain. Poster presentation: ‘Improving the patient journey: An Audit of Patients presenting with Genital Pain to a Psychosexual Clinic.’ 2019
  • Unilateral Vulval Pain: An Unusual Presentation of Crohn’s Disease. D Ogbonmwan, J Hussey, A Kumar et al, Poster presentation to World Congress Abdominal and pelvic pain 2019
  • M Pinder, S Bushby and J Hussey (2018). Mycoplasma genitalium: review of outcomes following introduction of selective testing.  HIV Medicine 2018, 19 (Suppl. 2) s21-s152,
  • D Ogbonmwan, C Macfadyen, B Ghavani-Kia, Mchauhan, M Pinder, A Wardropper, C White, O Hotonu, A Price, J Hussey, S Duncan. Experience of managing women aged 40 and over in a region with moderate HIV prevalence. P154 HIV Glasgow 2018.
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Screening in a Fertility Setting: A Regional Survey. Dreyer FE, Ogbonmwan D, Hussey J, Gudipati M. Poster presentation to Fertility Conference 2020
  • HIV testing uptake maintained in covid-secure remote asymptomatic STI screening. BASHH/BHIVA Autumn 2020 p118

National Oral Presentations

  • Gynaecology for Sexual Health.’ BASHH Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Conference. September 2020
  • Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Annual Scientific Meeting 2018:  ‘An audit of patients presenting with genital pain to a psychosexual clinic.’2018 

Other activities our STs have undertaken

  • BHIVA research award for study: Breast and Formula Feeding in Mothers living with HIV (BAFFIM).  This is BHIVA funded and NIHR portfolio adopted.
  • Member of working group for BASHH with development of Recommendations for integrated sexual health services for trans, including non-binary, people
  • Featured in BBC Storyworks documentary on Mithra (estretol) new generation combination pill.
  • Regional trainee member on FSRH Implant Guidance Development Group. 2020
  • Regional Trainee writer and reviewer of questions for FSRH International Certificate of Knowledge Question Bank . February 2019
  • Working jointly with fertility services to create a fertility/sexual health pathway to facilitate STI screening in those presenting to fertility services.


  • Interdeanery Teaching Day:  ST organised a full teaching day in Newcastle for Specialty Trainees in GUM and CSRH from deaneries across the Northern part of the UK (Leicester, Nottingham, Yorkshire, Northern, Scotland).  Included arranging the venue, catering and speakers on a range of topics that covered both curriculums. 
  • Teaching to Junior and Senior Doctors from other departments:  Teaching to trainees and consultants in A&E, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Infectious Diseases on topics such as ‘STI’s in A&E’, a case of LGV, HIV in pregnancy, sexual health for paediatrics and genital lumps and bumps.
  • ‘Women’s health’ Regional GP Forum. December 2021.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and Sexually transmitted infections: Joined up working and referral pathways to sexual health.’ Obstetrics & Gynaecology Audit meeting, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust. October 2020
  • The Great North Paediatric Conference: Regional conference with a mixture of paediatric doctors of all levels, GP’s and paediatric nurses.  Session on sexual health in paediatrics
  • Global Sexual Health. Integration day. Newcastle University Medical School. March 2020 
  • Early Menopause and HRT.’ Jo’s Trust. March 2020. Newcastle upon Tyne 
  •  ‘Emergency contraception.’ Paediatric Forensic team, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust 2020 
  • University of Newcastle upon Tyne medical school. Accelerated medical students- deliver yearly seminar on contraception
  • Junior Doctors: Annual Induction training on Contraception, 2017-2021  
  • Women’s health GPVTS regional teaching, Northern Deanery. Annual 2017-2020 
  • BASHH STIF and STIF plus course annual
  • FSRH Course of 5 annual
  • ‘Update on global contraception.’ World Contraception day. Newcroft Centre, Newcastle Hospitals Foundation Trust. 2019 
  • ‘Is there anything new in HRT or are our options becoming limited?’ Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals Foundation Trust. Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Update 2018
  • Department of Infection and Tropical Medicine weekly teaching: Updates in the BASHH Gonorrhoea guidelines and the findings of research into pharyngeal gonorrhoea in heterosexual men.   
  • Foundation Trainees GUM/HIV teaching 
  • Departmental sexual health teaching:  Topics include PEPSE, Desquamative Inflammatory Vaginitis, Gonorrhoea in Heterosexual Men and various case discussions. 
  • Child Health Education and Revalidation Training Day 
  • Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Update:  Regional presentation to Specialty Doctors, GPs and practice nurses from across the North East entitled ‘It’s not always thrush…’
  • Editor/author of regional quarterly Sexual Health newsletter
  • Contraception in Younger Women.’ University of Liverpool: Mersey Region Group for Health training:‘ 2019 ‘
  • Managing Hormonal Changes in the Lifestages of Women.’The Lancastrian Suite, Gateshead: GP Forum meeting: January 2019 
  • Chemsex in the North East of England.’Public Health Intelligence Network Meeting. March 2019. 
  • Management of the menopause and postmenopausal bleeding.’Royal College of GP Women’s health lecture: University of Newcastle upon Tyne. 2018 
  • Managing hormonal changes’ GP Forum, GP CPD Study day, The Lancastrian Suite, Gateshead. November 2018.

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