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Doctors in Training

Doctors in Training


Dr Lindsay Henderson Doctors in Training Representative to BASHH Board

All trainees registered as BASHH Members


  • To represent the professional interests of Doctors in Training (DiT) working in Sexual Health and HIV.
  • To promote Genitourinary Medicine as a career option for medical students and pre-specialty doctors as part of the Students and Trainees Association of Sexual Health and HIV (STASHH) steering committee.
  • To provide quality educational opportunities for DiTs and facilitate communication about professional and training events.
  • To arrange networking and socialising events for DiTs.
  • To ensure DiTs representation on BASHH Committees.
  • To sit on the JRCPTB Genito-urinary Medicine Specialist Advisory Committee (GUMSAC) to represent trainees.

Significant activities

  • Continued national teaching day for all GUM trainees in a concerted effort to improve access to quality teaching from nationwide speakers.
  • Supporting development of a future recruitment plan for Sexual Health and HIV medicine through support of careers events and being part of the steering committee of Students and Trainees Association of Sexual Health and HIV (STASHH).
  • Continued support of DiTs with the new GUM/General Internal Medicine curriculum and facilitating bidirectional feedback between DiTs and GUMSAC.
  • Sitting on the conference committee to contribute to organising the annual BASHH conference.
  • Increasing collaboration with the BHIVA DiT representative and HIV Trainees Association (HIVTA).

Performance/Outputs in the year 2023-2024

  • Teaching days were held online in September 2022 and May 2023. A new teaching timetable for 2023-2024 has been arranged with dates in October 2023, February 2024 and May 2024.
  • A survey was held to establish an appetite amongst DiTs to re-instate an annual face-to-face DiT pre-conference day in June 2023. Feedback on the virtual teaching days throughout the year has been very positive with DiTs repeatedly giving a preference for online events to save on travel cost/time. However, there was still an appetite for a face-to-face event to facilitate networking and socialising for DiTs who attend the conference. Therefore, a very successful face-to-face socialising and networking event was held prior to the BASHH conference in June 2023 for all trainees including pre- specialty doctors and medical students.
  • Followers on the @BASHH_trainees Twitter account continue to increase with sustained promotion of recruitment events and relevant courses.
  • STASHH continuing to grow with new committee members and local ambassadors for almost all UK medical schools and deaneries. A consultant representative from the GUMSAC has also been appointed to attend STASHH board meetings to facilitate communication between STASHH and UK-wide TPDs which has been a very positive change.
  • A very successful year for the 4 pillars of STASHH:
    • Education – season 2 of the STASHH podcast has been recorded and will be aired throughout the year. Monthly education webinars have resumed.
    • Mentoring – 66 mentees and 32 mentors signed up to this program. Later stage pre-specialty trainees (i.e. IMTs) are being prioritised for the mentorship program.
    • Recruitment – largely led by local ambassadors who arrange local meet-ups, disseminate STASHH updates/meetings/podcasts/educational events.
    • Project – continues to support students and pre-specialty doctors with QIP and to disseminate information about opportunities.
  • Following ARCPs in May/June 2023, DiTs provided lots of helpful feedback about their experiences. This was discussed with GUMSAC and a document was created with detailed information from the chairs addressing common problems/concerns experienced by trainees at the first ever GUM /General Internal Medicine ARCPs. This document was disseminated to trainees who found it very helpful to clarify common issues e.g. expected number of assessments in General Internal Medicine.
  • A ‘Leaflet on Higher Specialty Training in GU Medicine’ for the new BASHH website has been developed by DiT representatives to BASHH and BHIVA which includes information about GUM training with stories/quotations from current trainees.
  • DiTs have contributed to the development of a survey by JRCPTB to explore trainees experience of the change in curriculum which should hopefully be disseminated soon
  • A WhatsApp group of all dual-accrediting trainees nationally has been created and is very active to discuss ideas and challenges, as well as to provide peer-support, for those dual accrediting in GUM/General Internal Medicine.
  • BASHH DiT representative continued to be part of the BASHH conference committee in June 2023 with the expectation that this is will be on ongoing role for future representatives.

Future plans

  • Ongoing virtual teaching days dispersed throughout the year
  • Annual face-to-face pre-conference DiT socialising/networking event
  • Continue close involvement with STASHH with the DiT representative expected to contribute to meetings and partake in workshops and projects where appropriate


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Transition Guidance 28 February 2024

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