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National Audit Group

National Audit Group


  • Dr Vanessa Apea, Chair
  • Ms Lucie Ralph, Audit Co-Ordinator 

    BASHH Regional Audit Chairs

    Anglia: Helen  Pollitt

    Cheshire & Mersey: Kirsten Michie

    Essex: Malaki Ramogi

    North Thames: Vanessa Apea

    Northern: Rachael Viney

    Northern Ireland: Emma Mccarty

    North-West: Dornubari Lebari

    Oxford: Nisha Pal

    Scotland: Sally Wielding

    South-East Thames: Soe Aung

    South-West: Sophia Davies

    South-West Thames: Ceri Slater

    Trent: Rasha Omer

    Wales: Sian Warren

    Wessex: Alison Blume

    West Midlands: Lisa Goodall

    Yorkshire: Natasha Astill



  • National audits of clinical practice in sexual health/genitourinary medicine clinics against the BASHH Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) National Guidelines
  • A forum to discuss national and regional audit programmes
  • Response to requests for national audits by the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV
  • Specification of key auditable outcomes for the common genitourinary conditions, using the clinical guidelines of the CEG as the standard of care


Significant activities

  • National audit of management of Mycoplasma genitalium infection completed
  • BASHH Board approval for the renewal of the clinical audit coordinator role following the planned retirement of the current coordinator at the end of 2022
  • Recruitment of new audit coordinator
  • Liaison with Clinical Effectiveness Group and reviewing and advising on auditable outcomes for the management of ano-genital warts
  • Ongoing liaison with the UK Health Security Agency and National Chlamydia Screening Programme
  • Ongoing liaison with the LUSTRUM project regarding piloting of proposed new partner notification audit measures

BASHH national clinical audit 2024 of first-time sexual health service attendees who do not have an HIV test: information on how to participate

Data collection now open

Performance/Outputs in the year 2023-2024

  • Presentation of management of Mycoplasma genitalium audit findings and overview of quality improvement processes at 2023 BASHH conference
  • Dissemination of individualised reports from the management of Mycoplasma genitalium audit to participating services

Future plans

  • National audit of HIV testing in sexual health services (clinic attenders not tested for HIV)
  • originally planned for 2023 but postponed to February 2024 due to delayed recruitment of audit co-ordinator
  • Ongoing work to map of key topics for audit based on the HIV Action Plan, BASHH standards, Sexual Health Strategy and PrEP Monitoring and Evaluation Framework, as well as BASHH guidelines

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