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The Student and Trainee Association for Sexual Health and HIV – STASHH was founded in March 2021. STASHH aims to:

  • Provide educational opportunities relating to Sexual Health and HIV medicine, including revision sessions and specialty workshops.
  • Support career development through mentoring, careers fairs and creating a forum for networking.
  • Promote and facilitate opportunities for collaborative audits, research and quality improvement projects led by medical students and junior doctors across the UK.
  • Facilitate opportunities for presentation of student projects at local and national conferences.

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Find clinical opportunities and academic projects

STASHH aims to have a local ambassador at every univeristy and within every deanery, to support medical students and pre-specialty doctors to find and get involved with projects, teaching, audits and networking opportunities local to them. If you would like us to put you in touch with your local ambassador, or to enquire about becoming one, please email us using the link below.

For monthly updates on conferences, projects, taster days and more, please sign up to our newsletter or visit our padlet. 

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Visit our padlet here

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Check out our podcast...

Sexy Health with STASHH on spotify is the podcast where we get down and dirty into the world of sexual health, genitourinary medicine, and HIV.
New episodes will be released every Thursday!
Brought to you by STASHH, an affiliate of BASHH.

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Find out more about a career in Sexual health and HIV

STASHH organise careers events, taster days and Continuing Professional Development events. Keep up to date with our events by following our Medall page

Read about the GUM training program here.



Find or become a mentor

Postgraduate trainees who have engaged with STASHH will be offered a mentor. The mentor can offer guidance and insight into careers in Sexual Health and HIV and support professional development.

If you’d like to act as a mentor, or become a mentee, please register your interest here



Educational events

STASHH provide monthly sexual health and HIV focused educational events for students and pre-speciality doctors.

Educational events will include sessions covering hot topics in sexual health and HIV, highlights of recent conferences and exam preparation sessions. Keep up to date with our events by following our Medall page.

Click below to browse and view our previous talks:




  • Dr Liberty-Isabelle Todd - STASHH Chair 
  • Dr Ellie Crook - Co-founder and Deputy Chair 
  • Dr Eleanor Cochrane - Co-founder and STASHH Projects Lead
  • Dr Gabriela Cipriano - Secretary 
  • Dr Toni Masters - Education and Recruitment Co-Lead and BASHH Education Committee Trainee rep
  • Dr Lekshmy Pillai - Education and Recrutment Co-Lead
  • Dr Madeline Garcia - Mentorship Co-Lead
  • Dr Ella Heath - Mentorship Co-Lead
  • Dr Beth McMahon - Podcast Co-Lead
  • Dr Lily Copping - Podcast Co-Lead
  • Dr Emma Cartner - Operations Manager
  • Dr Millie Richards - Pre-Speciality Ambassador Co-ordinator and Ambassador Lead 
  • Dr Catrin Thomas - Pre-Speciality Ambassador Co-ordinator
  • Julia Alsop - Medical Student Ambassador Co-ordinator
  • Cate Goldwater Breheny - Medical Student Ambassador Co-ordinator
  • Dr Lindsay Henderson - BASHH Doctors in Training Rep
  • Dr Nicola Lomax - Specialty Advisory Committee Rep
  • Dr Luke Cannon – BASHH Doctors in Training Rep and STASHH Mentoring Lead


Hannah Church

Co-founder and STASHH Recruitment Lead

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Ellie Cochrane

Co-founder and STASHH Projects Lead

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Ellie Crook

Deputy Chair Co-founder

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Luke Cannon

Mentoring Lead

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Toni Masters

Education/Recruitment Co-lead | BASHH Education Committee Trainee Rep

View Profile

Lekshmy Syamala Pillai

Education/Recruitment Co-lead

View Profile

Emma Cartner

Operations Coordinator

View Profile

Lindsay Henderson

BASHH Doctors in Training Rep

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Catrin Thomas

Pre-specialty Ambassador Coordinator


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Millicent Richardson

Pre-specialty Ambassador Coordinator

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Cate Goldwater Breheny

Medical Student Ambassador Coordinator

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Beth McMahon

Podcast Co-lead

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Emma Cartner

Operations Coordinator

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