Study Days for Sexual Health Staff

18th January 2024

SSHA is pleased to announce Study Days for Sexual Health Staff, see below for more information. 

STI Partner Notification Study/Training Day: The Essentials
On: Tuesday 27th February 10.00-16.15 

At: Unite the Union, Merchants Quay, Salford Quays, Salford M50 3SG

Cost: £50.00 SSHA Members, £60.00 Non members

Who is the day for?
The aim is to equip staff working in a Sexual Health setting with an understanding of how to undertake partner notification interviews and following up with clients to record and maximise outcomes. People who will find this day useful will include those who undertake a Sexual Health Adviser role using PN for sexual infections such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia, syphilis and blood borne virus such as HIV or an infectious hepatitis in their day to day work, or have to complete PN as part of their Nurse/HCA/Dr role. The day is particularly suitable for those new to Partner Notification or those feeling they need a “refresher”. 

What will the day cover?
The programme will be a mixture of interactive teaching, small group work and practice exercises and will look at:
The rationale, methods, process, evidence for effective PN including: Interview structure, building rapport using MI, taking an effective and accurate history, negotiating patient or provider referral, recording identifying information
Provider referrals: How to find partners, methods of contacting partners, Provider referrals via the Internet, managing difficulties with provider referral

The course is run by experienced Sexual Health Advisers on behalf of SSHA
 A second training study day will follow on Tuesday 23rd April which will focus on HIV and hepatitis partner notification, ethics, laws and guidelines with time to look at some complex ethical cases

To book a place:

Please contact or with any questions



 Study Afternoon:

 Trauma Informed Training For Non Therapists

  • On: Thursday 7th March 12.00 – 17.00 (including 30 minute break)
  • At: UNITE the Union House, 128 Theobalds Rd London WC1X 8TN (nearest tube station is Holborn)
  • Cost: SSHA Members £40.00, Non Members £50.00

Who is this day for?
This day is for Sexual Health Advisers and people who are working with people suffering from trauma in areas directly relating to their trauma.

What does the day cover?
• Recognising a trauma response
• Facilitating the service user to bring their distress levels down
• A toolbox of techniques to ground and stabilise service users quickly
• How to avoid re traumatisation
• What is happening in the brain when someone has PTSD
• How to avoid vicarious trauma (becoming traumatised from being around trauma)
• Recognising the signs of vicarious trauma
• Letting go of trauma you have taken in

Trainer: Vajralila: Psychological-Traumatologist PGdip

About the Trainer - Lea (Vajralila): Traumatologist 
Lea (Vajralila) has been a practicing Therapist for 25 years and specialises in Trauma. She is the UK trainer of a modality called Lifespan Integration which works primarily with attachment trauma. Lea lives in Brighton where she runs The Wilbury Clinic with her wife. She particularly enjoys creating bespoke courses for organisations. She also has a small private Therapy practice and supervises Therapists and Allied Health practitioners in the voluntary sector.

 To book a place:

 If you have any questions, please contact

Helping People to Reduce Sexual Health Risk - A Motivational Interviewing Approach  
2 Study Days to be held in London

Saturday 20th April 2024 9.30am-4.00 pm
Saturday 18th May 2024 9.30am-4.00 pm
Please see SSHA - Society of Sexual Health Advisers for booking details
Face to face study days to be held in Central London at : The Unite the Union Offices,
128 Theobalds Rd, London WC1X 8TN

These days are limited to 12 people and will include large group and small
group work, also the opportunity to practice between the two sessions.

What is Motivational Interviewing?
Motivational interviewing is a form of collaborative conversation for strengthening a
person's own motivation and commitment to change. (Miller & Rollnick, 2013)
See for further information.

What are the aims of the study days?

The aim is to equip staff working in a Sexual Health setting with an understanding of
motivational interviewing, to enable them to use this approach when discussing risk
reduction in STIs, HIV, unintended pregnancies, health risk reductions such as reducing
alcohol, smoking or recreational drugs taking (and chemsex).

Who is the training for?
The days are aimed at Sexual Health staff who discuss sexual risk reduction with
patients in Integrated Sexual Health Services. The course has primarily been developed
for Sexual Health Advisers and is also suitable for Doctors, Nurses and other
health care professionals.
Led by expert Sexual Health Advisers, the course will be led by Mo Lockwood
and Hu Clarke as our new leaders. Strengthening our ties with MINT (Motivational
Interviewing Network of Trainers), Mo, a MINT’ee for almost 20 years, and Hu, with
30 years health promotion experience, will undergo the next MINT training the trainers

Day 1: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Skills: Part 1
Saturday 20th April 2024
9.30am-4.00 pm
NB: The 2nd study day is run a month later to allow participants to reflect on
their practice and build on what you have learnt. This is incremental training,
so you will only be able to attend Day 2 if you have attended Day 1.

Day 2: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Skills: Part 2
Saturday 18th May 2024
9.30am-4.00 pm
Cost: £90.00 per day for SSHA members
£100 per day for non-members SSHA members




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