Professor Martin Fisher

25th October 2016

Presentation of BASHH Outstanding Contribution Award

On Friday 14th October 2016 the first BASHH Outstanding Contribution Award was presented to Professor Martin Fisher’s father and brother by BASHH President, Dr Elizabeth Carlin and Professor Mark Nelson.

Martin Fisher, Professor of HIV Medicine in Brighton who died unexpectedly in April 2015, worked tirelessly in sexual health and HIV. He was a huge contributor to BASHH meetings, education, guidelines and consultations and one of the few global leading lights in HIV who was equally passionate about sexual health, reflected by his clinical commitment, research and teaching. He was an important advocate for MDT working, he understood how to innovate while maintaining quality for patients; he asked important questions, found the answers and then shared those answers with us all. He talked about Treatment as Prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis years before they became the hot topics they are today and he never stopped questioning what we do and how we do it. His humility and humour made him an inspiring, yet accessible, leader who influenced countless people.

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