New BASHH Board and BASHH CGC committee Announced

21st January 2020


The BASHH Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 10 January 2020 and the following members were elected to the BASHH Board and BASHH CGC committee. We thank BASHH Board members and BASHH CGC representatives who completed their term of office and resigned at the AGM for their contribution and hard work on behalf of BASHH.


President Dr John McSorley
Vice President Dr Alan Tang
General Secretary Dr David Phillips
Treasurer Dr Kaveh Manavi
Chair of Education Committee Dr Sophie Forsyth
Fellow to the Board Dr Laura Waters
Health Adviser Representative to the Board Ms Ceri Evans
SAS Representative to the Board Dr Parameswaran Sashidharan
Clinical Governance Committee (CGC)  

Dr Manjula Pammi

West Midlands

Dr Claire Robertson


Dr Rona MacDonald

Lay Trustee

Dr Ruth Lowbury

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