BASHH Members Survey

11th August 2016

Dear Members

It is now 18 months since the BASHH Members Survey. We have listened to your comments and would like to update you on the changes which have been made with BASHH.

You asked for more support around tendering of services

BASHH has developed a ‘Six steps to successful bidding’ paper written by Dr Elizabeth Carlin to support members undergoing a tender. This is available to BASHH members as a document and a podcast - Click Here

You asked BASHH to do more for SAS Doctor, nurse and Health Adviser members

BASHH has invited the SAS Doctors to the Doctors in Training free meeting.
The Articles of Association have been changed to allow members to chair the special interest groups and branches with BASHH and the Chair of the Dermatology group is now an SAS doctor.

The Annual BASHH Conference has been moved to a weekend to facilitate attendance for members. Nurse and Health adviser members have been offered a much reduced registration fee to support attendance and a very successful parallel session specifically designed for nurses and health advisers was organised during this year’s conference.

You said that the process of joining BASHH was too complicated and too expensive.

BASHH has revised the joining arrangements. Now this can be done simply on-line. There now only needs to be one supporting member of BASHH who can be either a fellow or a member.

In addition the membership subscription has not been increased for 5 years and there are new highly subsidised membership rate.

You said that the cost of attending BASHH courses was not significantly reduced for BASHH members.

BASHH has reviewed the pricing structures for meetings and has been able to give a substantially reduced rate for BASHH courses such as the Dermatology course and the BASHH Annual Conference.

You said too many meeting were in London and there should be at least one OGM held outside London.

BASHH hosted the June Scientific Meeting in Manchester this year.

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