BASHH elections 2019

1st October 2019

There are a number of posts on the BASHH Board and Clinical Governance Committee due for election to serve for 2 years from the AGM in January 2020.
Please find attached the nomination forms for the available posts, which are as follows:-

Board Posts

General Secretary
CGC Chair
EC Chair
Fellow to the Board (1 post)
SAS Representative to the Board
HA Representative to the Board

Clinical Governance Committee (CGC) Posts

Regional Representative – East Anglia Branch
Regional Representative – Oxford Branch
Regional Representative – Scotland Branch
Regional Representative – South West Branch
Regional Representative – Thames South East Branch
Regional Representative – Trent Branch
Regional Representative - Wales Branch
Regional Representative – Wessex Branch
Regional Representative – West Midlands Branch
Regional Representative – Yorkshire Branch
Health Advisor Representative to the CGC
Nurse Representative to the CGC
Doctors in Training Representative to the CGC

BASHH is Your Specialty Association

It is largely run by Members and Fellows who offer their time, energy and expertise to keep BASHH intelligently developing, analysing and responding to the needs of all those interested in the specialty. BASHH must be relevant and responsive to the challenges we have been facing as regards national strategies, service provision, clinical guidelines and standards, provision of education and training, service innovation and digital health technologies. BASHH has strong links to partner organisations including, but not restricted to: FSRH, BHIVA, RCP, PHE, NAT – BASHH is in a strong position to influence and determine the future of our specialty. Therefore, please give some time to be an active contributor to your specialty society, and a good way may be to consider standing for these posts. We will deliver our objectives most effectively when we have a full complement of positions filled by enthusiastic members ready to contribute to the running of a great organisation.

The completed nomination forms must be returned by 25th October 2019 to the BASHH Secretariat, Chester House, 68 Chestergate, Macclesfield, SK11 6DY.

Guidance for Board Posts

Please submit a completed nomination form as well as a Trustee’s declaration form. If anyone would like further information about what these posts entail, please contact Dr Alan Tang or any of the other current post-holders.

The Trustee’s declaration form is needed because all elected posts on the Board will be Directors and Trustees of BASHH.  Therefore, anyone applying for one of the Board posts needs to complete and return a Trustee’s declaration form with their nomination form. 

The duties of a Trustee are outlined in the document 'The Essential Trustee: what you need to know' (CC3).  This document and further information is available on the Charity Commission website

The Trustee’s declaration form can be obtained by contacting the BASHH office at or by telephoning them on 01635 664523.

Guidance for the Clinical Governance Committee posts

Please submit a completed nomination form.  A Trustee’s declaration form is not required.

If anyone would like further information about what these posts entail, please contact Dr John McSorley or any of the other current post-holders.  

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