Membership of the HIV SIG and Blood Borne Virus (BBV) SIG  

Miss Lucy Allan


Dr Monique Anderson

Dr Tristan Barber

Dr Julia Bilinska

 Trainee Rep HIV

Dr Melissa Chowdhury

ID Trainee Rep

Dr Susan Cole

 Community Rep

Dr Ian Cormack


Dr Ian Cormack

Dr Gail Crowe

Dr Stuart Flanagan

 Chair & Hepatitis Rep

Dr Deborah Goode


Dr Lisa Hamzah

Dr Elly Hamlyn


Dr Liz Hamlyn

Dr Joseph Heskin

 Trainee Rep BBV

Dr Charlotte Hopkins

Mrs Portia Jackson

 HIV Pharmacy Association Rep

Dr Babu Kulasegaram

Dr Nicky Mackie

Dr Harri Lloyd-Williams

Dr Kaveh Manavi

Mrs Justine Mellor

 Nurse Rep

Dr Anatole Menon-Johansson

Dr Rebecca Metcalfe

Prof Mark Nelson

Dr Elizabeth Okecha


Dr Rasha Omer

Dr Hannah Pintilie

Prof Mary Poulton

Dr Killian Quinn

Mr. Phil Samba

 Community Rep

Prof Nicola Steedman

Dr Ann Sullivan

Dr Christopher Ward

Dr Laura Waters



The HIV and BBV Special Interest Group is active on behalf of BASHH at a UK policy and strategic level. The SIG has also been ensuring that BASHH meets its commitment in ensuring provision of HIV related educational activities.

Educational events held annually

For exact dates of these meetings see the diary

  • HIV Masterclass held in March over 2 days
  • BASHH HIV/BBV Scientific Meeting
  • BASHH/BHIVA DIP HIV revision course held prior to the DIP HIV exam
Previous Publications
Additional Documents

UK National Guidelines for HIV Testing 2008

The importance of World AIDS Day

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