The British Association for Sexual Health and HIV is the UK leading organisation dealing with all aspects of sexual health care, setting standards and aiming to champion and promote good sexual health.

The objectives of BASHH are:

  • To promote, encourage and improve the study and practice of diagnosing, treating and managing sexually transmitted infections, HIV and other sexual health problems.
  • To educate and train UK health care professionals (doctors, nurses and health advisors) working in the field of sexual health.
  • To determine, monitor and maintain standards of governance in the provision of sexual health and HIV care.
  • To advance public health in relation to sexually transmitted infections, HIV and other sexual health problems.
  • To provide education and information for the public in order to promote good sexual health.

BASHH is committed to public and patient engagement (PPE) in order to ensure the organisation is responsive to their needs. The PPE work of BASHH is coordinated through an active public panel comprising lay members and representatives from major sexual health charities and professional organisations.

The primary role of the panel is to contribute to the production of clinical guidelines and patient information leaflets concerning sexually transmitted infections and other sexual health problems. This ensures that the guidance and information produced by BASHH are highly relevant to patient needs, easily understood and written in language respectful to patients.




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