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The association is the major provider of general and specialist postgraduate education for sexually transmitted infection management and care in the United Kingdom.

BASHH courses reflect the multidisciplinary nature of sexual health and are open to members and non-members.

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01 NOVEMBER 2021
BASHH STI / HIV Course Modules 3 and 4 2021 - REGISTRATION OPEN
Modules 3 and 4
06 NOVEMBER 2021
Diploma in GU Medicine Revision Course 2021 - REGISTRATION OPEN
06 NOVEMBER 2021
STI Foundation Competency Train the Trainer Workshop 2021 - REGISTRATION OPEN
19 NOVEMBER 2021
Genital Dermatology PLUS Course 2021 - REGISTRATION OPEN
25 NOVEMBER 2021
ASIG Safeguarding Education Event 2021 - REGISTRATION OPEN
26 NOVEMBER 2021
Introduction to Sexual Dysfunction for Sexual Health Nurses and Health Advisers 2021 - REGISTRATION OPEN

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