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BASHH Confidentiality Posters

BASHH has produced three posters for sexual health clinics to promote the importance of patient confidentially as a fundamental aspect of sexual health services. These have been produced following the Department of Health’s recent update and strengthening of the laws on confidentiality, after the passing of the Health and Social Care Act.

We have included links below to the posters as PDFs for you to print and put up in your service. Alternatively, we have also produced amendable PowerPoint versions which you can add your logo to or other text as desired. If you would like to be sent an amendable poster, please contact Simon Whalley on

The posters are also designed to be used in conjunction with a patient confidentiality leaflet, a template of which can be found at Annex 1 of the new 2013 BASHH guidelines on Sexual History Taking – Click Here

If you have any questions regarding this poster, please do not hesitate to contact Simon on the email above.

Select the desired poster below to download