IUSTI Europe Conference in association with BASHH

15th - 17th September 2016


Hilton Budapest, Budapest, Hungary

Following on from some very successful joint meetings with IUSTI in Malta and Sitges, we are pleased to announce that BASHH will be co-badging this event.


The 30th IUSTI-Europe Conference will be held at September 15-17, 2016 in the Hilton Budapest, Budapest, Hungary. The local organizers include Board members of the Hungarian STI Society which looks back a 20 years past, and the Conference will be kept under the auspices of Regional Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The main slogan of the Conference: “Traditions, advances in STI care: harmony of personal and social prevention”.

This is the guiding principle the International Scientific Committee group the presentations around, while we are not only looking back into the past, and are discussing recent concerns of classical STI diseases, but we will also analyze questions of future problems such as syndromes of newly emerging diseases or threatening new risk groups, or infections with unusual manifestation.

Therefore we are convinced that the Conference will provide an interesting and useful forum not only for venerologists and other STI experts, but other colleagues from related fields such as gynecologists, urologists, andrologists, epidemiologists, and microbiologists. The site of the Conference is the historic castle-district of Budapest, where from the medieval walls you can have a fabulous view over the city rich in monuments, historic buildings and the majestic Duna river ornamented with several great bridges. During your stay you may enjoy the thermal waters of several spas originated from the Middle ages, and visit the colorful Central Food Market. We hope that the scientific and cultural values of the Conference will provide substantial experiences and adventures, and the traditional Hungarian hospitability as well as the famous culinary delicacies will further enrich the time you spend here.

Best regards,

Viktória Várkonyi
Congress President


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