Scientific Meeting - January 2020 - HIV & GSM

10th January 2020

The BASHH HIV & GSM Special Interest Group will be organising this meeting.


Part 1:GSM Specialist Interest Group
Chair: Dr Kate Nambiar

Ageing and sex with an LGBT focus

13.00-13.05 Welcome, Chair

13.05-13.25 Aging and care related concerns for the LGBT community: recommendations for practice - Dr Katherine Bristowe, KCL

13.25-13.50 Accessing sexual health services – how does this change with age for LGBT populations? - Dr Andy Williams, Barts Health

13.50-14.15 PrEP, chems, and navigating risk and prevention – a toolkit for older LGBT - Mr David Stuart, 56 Dean St 

14.15-14.30 Clinical Experiences of Sexual Health Trainees in the Management of Transgender Including Non-Binary People Within Sexual Health Services - Dr Daisy Ogbonmwan, New Croft Centre, Newcastle

14.30- 15.00 Questions, panel discussion, and close by Chair 

15.00-15.20 Tea Break

15.20-15.30 BASHH Announcements

15.30-16.00 Honorary Life Fellow Award Presentation

Dr Angela Robinson, BASHH Honorary Life Fellow will deliver her Lecture ‘Life is not a dress rehearsal’



Part 2: HIV/BBV Specialist Interest Group
Chair: Dr Tristan Barber

HIV and Ageing: Longevity, quality, therapy and complexity

16.00-16.05 Welcome, Chair

16.05-16.15 - Dr David White, Birmingham                        

16:15-16.35 Life Expectancy for PLWH in the Context of the ‘4th 90’ - Dr Jaime Vera, Brighton
16.35-16.55 ART in older patients – what’s best? - Dr Ranjababu Kulasegaram, Guy’s and St Thomas’          

16.55-17.15 Frailty Services and coordination of complex care - Cheryl Gowar, National AIDS Trust

17.15 - 17.30 Questions and Panel Discussion

17.30-18.00 BASHH AGM - Members only                  

18.00-19.00 Drinks reception    

This meeting is generously supported by ViiV

Please note that attending this training event is free of charge for BASHH members. Non-members will be charged £40.                

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