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Dear Delegate,

Welcome to Module 2 of the BASHH STIs/HIV Course.

This course consists of 4 modules and aims to deliver the theory underpinning the clinical practice of GU Medicine and to meet the syllabus for the diploma of GU Medicine. The Diploma of GU Medicine runs twice a year; an application form can be found on the website. Further details of this exam can be obtained from the Society of Apothecaries.

As an aid to learning there is a list of useful reading materials and recommended websites in the miscellaneous drop down below. The National Guidelines for the management of STIs can be found by entering the BASHH website and clicking on the ‘guidelines’ link.

OSCE revision days for those who had completed all 4 modules and intend to take the Diploma in GU Medicine are considered useful for preparation nearer the time. Please contact the BASHH Course administrator in due course at for information on a future revision day.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the course. The venue provides a selection of refreshments throughout the day and a buffet lunch is provided each day.

Dr Ngozi Dufty
BASHH Course Director



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Sexual Health and Sexuality

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