2022 GUM Undergraduate Curriculum

All UK medical students graduating in the academic year 2024-25 (and thereafter) will need to pass the GMC’s Medical Licensing Assessment (MLA) as part of their medical school degree, before they can join the medical register.    

The 2022 BASHH Undergraduate Curriculum was designed as parts of a BASHH Undergraduate Fellowship (2020) and involved:

  • Conducting a survey of current Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) teaching amongst all contactable GUM Undergraduate leads in the UK
  • Mapping the MLA to the previous BASHH Curriculum (2017)
  • Mapping the content of e-learning for healthcare (elfh) eHIV STI programme learning sessions to the new curriculum
  • Conducting a stakeholder review within a forum of UK undergraduate leads

How can you use this document?

  • By mapping the indicative learning outcomes (ILOs) in the MLA to the BASHH UG Curriculum (2017), we have been able to demonstrate that GUM placements can cover a much wider range of learning outcomes than currently suggested. We hope this will allow you to canvass your local medical schools to protect and/or expand GUM teaching time within undergraduate curricula.
  • Having mapped the e-learning for healthcare (elfh) eHIV STI programme to the new curriculum to there is now an updated GUM undergraduate pathway with all the mapped sessions in one place. Access to elfh is free to access for all students and healthcare professionals.
  • We hope that you use this latest curriculum and elearning pathways to shape your local GUM teaching

We are also canvassing the GMC to make some changes to their MLA to include:

  • Acknowledgement that Sexual health can provide far greater scope of medical experience than currently outlined within their MLA – with the New BASHH UG Curriculum demonstrating this through mapping to their existing ILOs.
  • Consider a greater emphasis on trans and non-binary health.
  • Add M.genitalium to the list of infections alongside Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea etc.
  • Enhance reference and skills in undertaking safeguarding assessment
  • Add communication with ‘partners’ into the curriculum which currently only covers ‘relatives’ (related by blood or marriage) and carers.

Dr Ellie Crook (BASHH, UG Fellow),

Dr John Evans-Jones, 

Dr Ashini Fox

If you are interested in joining the BASHH UG Forum email list, please contact Dr Ellie Crook at: ellie.crook@nhs.net


Please click here to view the BASHH 2022 Genitourinary Medicine Undergraduate Curriculum.

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