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Date: Time: Event Title: Led By: Venue:
23rd January 2015 2 - 3pm
3 - 5pm
Journal Club and Business
Sexual health in Prison
Conrad White New Croft Centre, Newcastle
20th February 2015 2 - 4pm
4 - 5pm
Urogenital Pain
Journal club
Jane Hussey Sunderland GUM Dept
20th March 2015 2 - 4pm Hepatitis Part 2 Matt Schmid New Croft Centre
17th April 2015 2 - 5pm HIV Resistance Sponsored Teaching New Croft Centre
15th May 2015 1 - 5pm Sexual Health Update Kathryn Clements Centre for Life
5th June 2015 2 - 3pm
3 - 4pm
4 - 5pm
Microbiology for GUM
STI in pregnancy
Journal club
Daniel Weiard
Laura Mitchell
New Croft Centre
17th July 2015   HIV Resistance Part 2    
21st August 2015 2-5pm Speciality training and the eportfolio Stephen Bushby New Croft Centre
18th September 2015 2 - 4pm Endocrinology in HIV and Sexual Health Nim de Alwis Sunderland GUM Dept
23rd October 2015 2-5pm Being a forensic medical examiner Susan Waterworth New Croft Centre
20th November 2015 2-5pm HIV and Syphilis in pregnancy Laura Mitchell New Croft Centre
18th December 2015 2-5pm Genital Pain Jane Hussey New Croft Centre
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Date: Time: Event Title: Led By: Venue:
26th September 2014 2 - 5pm Paediatrics for GUM   New Croft Centre, Newcastle
24th October 2014 2 - 4pm Hepatitis   New Croft Centre, Newcastle
21st November 2014 2 - 3pm
3 - 4pm
Family Planning
Journal Club
  Sunderland GUM Dept
19th December 2014 2 - 3pm
3 - 5pm
Journal Club and Business
Statistics for Sexual Health
  New Croft Centre, Newcastle

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