Sexual Health Adviser & Nurse

Welcome to the BASHH Sexual Health Adviser & Nurse (SHAN) Special Interest Group site.

The SHAN SIG was formed in 2018 and seeks to be an active group of the organisation. Our role is:

  1. To represent the professional interests of Health Advisers and Nurses working in integrated sexual health (GUM & Contraception) and/or HIV services, including those in Research and community charitable sexual health focus organisations.
  2. To promote Health Advisers and Nurses to join BASHH and engage at all level within the organisation. 
  3. To advise on, and offer support and advice on BASHH approved training and education to members.
  4. To influence the Sexual Healthcare agenda as a whole and the agenda of BASHH.
  5. To be a body for Health Advisers and Nurses on other BASHH committees to report to and seek support from.

2018-2019 focus:

  • Creation of SHA & Nurse Conference Scholarship awards.
  • Organisation of SHA & Nurse Conference Symposium (BASHH Spring Conference 2019).
  • Amendment and improvement of BASHH SHA & Nurse website section.
  • Promotion of BASHH membership to SHA & Nurses across the UK.
  • Creation of ‘Role standards’ for Bands 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 in Sexual Health.

Terms of reference:

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Your representatives:

Chair: Jodie Crossman 
Secretary: Mr Jodie Walker-Haywood
Treasurer: Unfilled
Webmaster: Unfilled

Officer biography:

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Officer Job descriptions:


Please e-mail with any queries 

National representatives:

Peter Davis - North East
Kelly Walsh - North West
Dr Matthew - Grundy-Bowers London
Holly Royston-Ward - London
Felicity Young - Isle of Wight
Michelle Jenkins - London
Belinda Loftus - North East
Paul Teale - Midlands
Laura Ellis - Scotland
Sarah Smith - South East
Ruth Bailey - South East
Zac Dolan - North East
Suzanne Williams - Wales
Tristan Griffiths - London
Helen Jackson - North East
Alessandra Morelli - London
Jules Davies - Brighton
Gary Seaton - Northern Ireland
Mike Passfield - East of England 


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