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Working in the field of sexual health and HIV has always involved considerable public health expertise; the specialty of genitourinary medicine/sexual health and HIV and the network of open access clinics have their origins in a population approach to health improvement. Primary prevention, screening, early diagnosis, treatment, partner management and surveillance are all relevant to both public health and clinical care. In recent years national policies based on public health goals have had a major impact on sexual health services, and the latest NHS reforms will accelerate the pace of change with the establishment of a national public health service.

In this context, the Public Health special interest group was created in 2011. It aims to support BASHH and its members in engaging with the public health agenda, providing leadership, advocacy and advice. It will work with the Education Committee to ensure appropriate delivery of public health training in the speciality, and to make recommendations for the agendas and content of general meetings and conferences.


Gavin Dabrera

Shamela de Silva

Advisory Panel

Jackie Cassell

Gwenda Hughes

Helen Ward

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