Herpes Simplex Advisory Panel SIG

The Herpes Simplex Advisory Panel was established in 1994. It comprises genitourinary physicians, virologists, general practitioners, nurses, and a patient representative. There are up to three meetings a year and the Panel hosts an open annual educational seminar.
The objectives of the Panel are:
  • To provide expert input into HSV management guidelines, education programs and educational materials
Membership of the Panel 


Dr Raj Patel (chair)
Dr John Green (co-chair)
Dr Roberta Brum
Dr Emily Clarke
Dr Elizabeth Foley

Dr Dornubari Lebari

Ms Marion Nicholson (HVA)
Ms Felicity Young (Nurse Consultant)
Dr Anna-Maria Geretti

Aoife Murnaghan 

Significant activities

  •   The SIG meets infrequently and completes its tasks principally through Teleconferences.
    • During the last year members of the SIG contributed to updating the e-LfH genital ulceration modules
    • The SIG is planning an OSM (Spring 2023)
    • Members continue to deliver the BASHH Advanced STI HSV course
    • The Herpes in Pregnancy Guideline (Joint Guideline with the RCOG) is currently being updated (2023)
    • The BASHH Guideline on the Management of Genital Herpes(2023) has been completed
    • Members are working on the IUSTI GH Guideline 2023
    • Members completed a mystery shopping audit of access of patients to services with initial episode GH (presented BASHH 2022)

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