Microscopy for Sexually Transmitted Infections

An educational DVD for health care professionals

This DVD has been prepared as an educational tool for those working in the field of sexual health. The optimal management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and other genitourinary infections requires rapid near-patient tests that allow immediate diagnosis and prompt treatment. This improves individual patient care, by reducing the risk of disease complications and in the case of STIs, enhances public health control by inhibiting onward transmission of infection.

This DVD contains practical video demonstrations by healthcare professionals on how to conduct genital examinations of both male and female patients and how to obtain suitable samples for the investigation of STIs and other genital infections.

In addition, laboratory specialists demonstrate how to perform certain staining techniques, such as the Gram stain. They also show how to set up a microscope for both brightfield and darkfield microscopy and how to interpret what you see when you view genital samples under microscopy.

Clinical images of common STIs and other genital conditions are shown throughout the video sections. There are numerous illustrations of the appearance of the most commonly observed findings of Gram-stained genital smears under microscopy as well as video footage of darkfield and "wet mount" preparations.

There is also a section on health and safety issues. Additional PDF files carry supplementary information to each of the video sections and advice on how to run a suitable "in-house" quality assurance scheme for clinical laboratories offering near-patient testing facilities. There are also links to the BASHH website for further information on training & competency assessment.

This DVD is compatible with North American computers and DVDs


  1. Specimen Collection
  2. Staining Methods
  3. Choosing & Setting Up The Microscope
  4. Using Microscopy For The Diagnosis Of Genital Infections
  5. The investigation of genital ulcer disease
  6. Health & Safety


  1. Specimen Collection
  2. Staining Methods
  3. Choosing & setting up the microscope
  4. Using microscopy for the diagnosis of genital infections
  5. The investigation of genital ulcer disease
  6. Health & safety
  7. Quality Assurance
  8. Training & competency assessment
  9. Acknowledgements

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