Public and Patient Engagement

BASHH has several initiatives to improve feedback about delivery and development of sexual health services, and in education of the general public about sexual health.

The Public Panel

This Panel includes members of the public, representatives of sexual health voluntary sector organisations, young people's groups and sexual health professionals. Current membership list here

The panel meets three times a year in Central London with email conversation between the meetings.

The Panel offers lay opinion on clinical guidelines, audit proposals and related public material and leaflets developed by BASHH.

Public Panel Membership

•    Public Panel Chair - Patrick French
•    Terrence Higgins Trust - Alex Sparrowhawk
•    Lay Member - David Crundwell
•    Lay Member (student) - Gautam Kambhampate
•    Health advisor - James Drysdale
•    Herpes Virus Association - Marian Nicholson
•    BASHH Webmaster - Martyn Wood
•    CliniQ Representative - Michelle Ross
•    Family Planning Association - Laura Russell
•    Sexpression:UK - Eleanor Cochrane
•    Lay Member - Jennifer Dhingra
•    Lay Member - Sian Naftal
•    Sexual Health Nurse Practitioner - Sinead O'Neill
•    BASHH Clinical Effectiveness Group - Steve Higgins
•    Media Representative - Verity Sullivan
•    Brook Young People - Sue Burchill
•    Lay Member - Jacky Eyres

Get Involved
with the BASHH Public Panel


In 2012 BASHH has joined a number of health charities supporting public feedback and blogging via the NHSChoices website. Visit to exchange views with service users , members of the public and professionals, set up polls and blog about your views and experiences.

Resources for PPE

Members of BASHH providing sexual health and HIV services are required to engage service users in consultation and feedback; which methods are appropriate?

BASHH has gathered links to useful resources here

London Sexual Health Programme's online toolkit "PPE Made Easy" helps units implement and use PPE to improve services, ensure accountability and possibly save money.

NICE toolkit for PPE
Patient experience in adult NHS services; improving the experience of care for people using adult NHS services

This guidance is aimed at organisation level rather than individual units, but the principles and the evidence base for various methods of capturing patient experience are reviewed and costing implications are explored.

Standards for the management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Your guide to the Standards for the management of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), a leaflet for service users outlining what the standards mean is available by clicking here

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire for GU Clinics

A questionnaire to specifically assess satisfaction with genitourinary medicine services has been developed and can be downloaded below. The questionnaire is based on 5 main themes which were identified following a systematic review, focus groups and individual patient interviews. The survey has undergone cognitive testing and piloting to assure validity in a GU clinic setting.

A copyright form needs to be completed before using the questionnaire, although there is no charge for its use. The copyright form should be returned to

Click below for:

Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire 2011
Copyright Licence

BASHH/THT Lay Research Panel

BASHH and THT have set up a lay research panel, made up of members of the general public, who will review research proposals and feedback to the researchers on their proposals.

For further information please click here

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