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Updated GU Medicine Curriculum

The GUM curriculum has been updated with GMC approval. The new curriculum is now in use and accessible on the JRCPTB website.

The differences in the old and new curricula are not great and mainly involve a change in emphasis on certain topics eg, for HIV: greater emphasis on HIV and comorbidities, less emphasis on rarer OIs; for GUM: a short section on sexual dysfunction.

There will be transition guidance for all year groups - Click Here

Dip GUM and Dip HIV will change to reflect the new curriculum in 2017


BASHH Doctors in Training workshop

The BASHH Doctors in Training workshop takes place annually one day prior to the BASHH Conference. It is compulsory to attend one workshop within training. The workshops are also open to SAS doctors. The next workshop will be held virtually on the 20th October 2020.

To register please click here and for further information please contact



Below are links to two of the talks from the Oxford BASHH Doctors in Training workshop which are highly relevant to training:



Notes from GUM Specialist Advisory Committee meetings

The GUM SAC meets three times a year. Below are notes from the most recent meetings:

RCP SAC - 14th June 2019


New Internal Medicine Curriculum (Shape of Training)

For more information on changes to core medical and higher specialist medical training (which will effect GUM specialist training):

The GUM Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) prepared a response to this proposal, led by Dr Kingston and Dr Prime. This response incorporates comments from SAC members, including discussion at SAC meetings, as well as feedback from GUM trainees across the country. In addition, there has been wider debate amongst speciality colleagues and trainees using social media and other means, which has informed this response.

Click Here to read the SAC response.



BASHH Mentoring Scheme

The BASHH/BHIVA mentoring scheme provides an opportunity for senior trainees, who have been appointed to a consultant post, to access a mentor.

The aim is to support trainees in the transition from trainee to consultant. This time can be a challenging one for some people and having a mentor could be beneficial. The mentoring period is for 18 months and the scheme has so far received very positive feedback.

To access the scheme you need to contact the regional rep found on the BASHH page at Mentoring Groups and then a short application form is filled in. Following this a mentor and mentee will be matched. The mentors are consultants and SAS doctors who do this on a voluntary basis.

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