Prof Colm O’Mahony

Fellow To The Board

Prof Colm O’Mahony is a Consultant physician. He deals with sexually transmitted infections, HIV / AIDS. He is president of the Liverpool Medical Institution 2018.

He first qualified in Science (Microbiology) in 1975, and then went on to do Medicine, in the hope of putting off the day when he would finally have to work for a living! He did an MD in Immunology but he was never clever enough to become a “real proper GP doctor” and he liked talking to patients far too much to ever consider being a surgeon. Fortuitously, he ended up in a VD Clinic in Sir Patrick Dunn’s Hospital in Dublin, doing a session, and there – like St Paul on the road to Damascus, enlightenment. Here was just the job for your average repressed Irish Catholic. There was sex, shame, guilt, anxiety, confession, forgiveness and penance. He had found his niche!
He came to England in 1986 to explore the sexual diversity of Liverpool and finally to a Consultant post in Chester in 1990. As Postgraduate Tutor he infuriated and delighted; exposing the farce of fund holding, the idiocy of audit, and the small-minded bureaucracy of cynical governance. Mostly however, he showed that life without sex, love, passion and desire is no life - at all, at all.

He was elected as Chairman of the Association of GU Doctors in 2001 and to the British HIV Association executive committee in 2005. He featured in “Sex, warts and all” shown on BBC Choice 2002. He featured in a Channel 4 series “Let’s talk sex” with Davina McCall. In November 06 he featured in the “Girls’ Guide to 21st Century Sex” on Channel 5, (Repeated often!). Shown on Irish TV in June 2011 but removed after protests! He featured with Stephen Fry on BBC “HIV and me” 2008.

He was the chairman of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV media group and became chair of the EADV media committee in 2009. He was president of Chester and North Wales medical society 2013. He was the UK rep on the EADV. He wrote a regular piece in the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections, entitled “Chester Chronicles” and an editorial “View from the frontline” in the INT J STD AIDS. He has lectured extensively in Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea and even in Jeddah (Feb 2012), where apparently there are no STD’s.

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