Dr Kaveh Manavi

Vice President

Kaveh graduated from Tehran University in 1995. Kaveh obtained his MD in 1997. Kaveh came to the UK in 1998 and after obtaining MRCP in 2000, became a specialist registrar in GUM in Edinburgh in 2001. He obtained CCST in GUM in 2005. Kaveh became a consultant physician in GUM at Birmingham Whittall Street Clinic in August that year. He became the clinic lead for HIV service at University Hospitals Birmingham in November 2005. Kaveh was appointed as an associate medical director in University Hospitals Birmingham in 2015.

Kaveh has a strong track record in service improvement and system development; a be-spoke EPR system for sexual health services and a Home Sampling STI testing service being the two examples. Kaveh is experienced in risk assessment and management.

Kaveh has served BASHH in several past and current posts; being a member of West Midlands (WM) audit group, Chair of WM BASSH, Chair of WM HIV network, Chair of WM STI Steering Group, member of HIV CRG, and a member of the web team.

Kaveh has contributed to the speciality training in the region as an educational supervisor. He has been a member of WM higher training committee for GUM for 10 years through which he has contributed to the delivery and assessment of GUM training programmes in WM.

Kaveh is keen on research and has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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